We Present A New Brand Reboots

Reboots brand slogan: “Recovery is everything!”. With innovational recovery products, the regeneration take of athletes to the next level and support them in achieving their goals. The Reboots team works continuously to offer “recovery” pants, arm cuffs and boots of the highest quality in Europe.

Reboots is a variable, metered pneumatic compression system. An innovative development of German specialists, made in the form of arm cuffs, pants and boots, allows for pressotherapy of the extremities by creating controlled painless tissue deformations during sliding massage movements. This effect allows you to improve lymph outflow, venous outflow, increase blood supply and metabolism in the skin, muscles, ligaments, joints. Reflex action through the receptors of all tissues has a positive effect on the state of the nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and other systems of the body, which leads to faster and more complete recovery after physical exertion.

The multipurpose system “Reboots” is in demand in sports medicine, restorative physical therapy, neurology, traumatology, phlebology, cosmetology.

The effectiveness of the proposed Reboots system is scientifically substantiated and confirmed by clinical trials, therefore, the VeloFM Group Team has been adding this brand to its portfolio since 2021 and calls partners to cooperate.

Here's What World-Class Athletes Think About REBOOTS

ANDRÉ GREIPEL, bronze medalist of the 2011 World Championship in the group race:

«I use Reboots after every race and after very hard training sessions. After the using them I feel much more relaxed and my legs feel less heavy. In this regeneration phase I can also recover mentally and tune out. My favorite programmes are A and D. The GO model makes me much more flexible and saves me complicated methods and time.»

ELISABETH BRANDAU, German CX Champion ’18/19:

«Since I have been using Reboots I have been planning the regeneration for at least 30 minutes a day, which I can plan flexibly.».

PETER SCHERMANN, Dt. M. Cross-Duathlon:

«My legs feel fresher and I’m more rested back in the bike saddle. Reboots just make me faster!».

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