The tire on a bicycle that has to travel hundreds of kilometers over rough terrain must be rolling, withstand a lot of weight, well-controlled and puncture-resistant. All these qualities can be found in the legendary VITTORIA tires: BARZO, MEZCAL and PEYOTE.

BARZO is most popular and acclaimed XC tire from VITTORIA. With small center lugs and proven V-shaped tread pattern, it is capable of self-cleaning from dirt and handling any turns with ease. G + Isotech Compound is a unique Vittoria graphite compound that offers low rolling resistance, excellent grip, durability and wear resistance.

MEZCAL is a fast all-terrain tire that can be used in dry, wet or slippery conditions. It has a well-defined center strip for low rolling resistance. Side cleats allow you to roll at full speed in corners and on loose and dusty trails. The combined compound of Graphene 2.0 and 4 (4C) rubber provides an optimal structure to take Mezcal performance to a whole new level while reducing overall tire weight. Mezcal is proof that the trade-off between speed and grip of XC tires is no longer necessary.

PEYOTE is a folding cord mountain bike tire. Well-spaced tread rows and sipes provide efficient traction and cornering. An excellent choice for those who want perfect control of their bike. A well-proven high-end model, tried and tested by riders on numerous occasions.

Many experienced cyclists have already been able to appreciate the properties of these tires and are unlikely to exchange VITTORIA for any other brands. It is for this reason that Velo FM is the exclusive distributor of the VITTORIA brand in Ukraine. Ask VITTORIA tires from our partners.

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