Official representative of Vittoria in Ukraine

VeloFM Group since 2012 is the official representative and supplier of bicycle tyres, single tubes and wheels, the world-famous Italian brand Vittoria. We cooperate with this brand for many years, which allows us to provide timely deliveries of quality products Vittoria in Ukraine in a reasonable time.

We are ready to cooperation and offer partners, retail shops and internet shops delivery of goods Vittoria on favorable terms.

About Vittoria brand

Since 1953, Vittoria Industries Ltd. has enjoyed a solid reputation for partnerships within the cycling industry, while creating a unique and inimitable brand image. Today Vittoria Industries Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tyres.

The company’s research and development center develops the best tires for each of the segments of cycling, especially unique tires with a framework of cotton threads and absolutely innovative tires with revolutionary technology. Graphene 2.0 is characterised by the use of the latest Graphene material in tyre production. The use of Graphene provides the maximum performance of the tire in terms of speed, traction, strength and protection against punctures.

In 2017, with its unique history and experience, the Vittoria brand allowed the development of the latest highway and MTB wheels, which perfectly match its tires and single tubes.

Official website Vittoria:

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