PARDUS is a bicycle brand in Ukraine

Bicycles of the elite Chinese manufacturer PARDUS appeared in Ukraine. VeloFM Group presents their main line. These bikes are for highway, triathlon and cross-country.

What is the uniqueness of this brand's bicycles?

PARDUS Design Engineers collaborate with the China Aviation Research Academy to develop, research and then apply the most advanced technology to create bikes. Only worthy innovative ideas are used. So, given that individual sections of the frame are subjected to different mechanical influences, they require different stiffness, therefore specialists in composite materials combine carbon of different modulus of elasticity, depending on the predicted load. In the manufacture of bicycles, ultrasound technology is used for the purpose of analysis and quality control.

In addition to technical characteristics, a large selection of colors and a wide dimensional grid allow you to choose a bike according to the individual preferences of each customer.

Triathlon bicycles:

  • Gomera Ultra Ultegra Di2 11s Disc Blue White and Red White
  • Gomera Ultra 105 11s Rim Blue Gold, Blue White and Red White

Road bicycles:

  • Robin SL Centaur 11s Rim 52/36 Black X Camp.
  • Robin Sport 105 11s Rim 50/34 Black Gold, Blue, Orange and White Silver
  • Super Sport 105 11s Disc Black, Green, Grey and Red

We are also expecting the arrival of PARDUS MTB Naik 27.5″ Alu Altus 2x9s Silver in the near future. Follow our news.

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