Over the past few years, a new concept of cycling has emerged – bikepacking (a style of cycling tourism using ultra light equipment).
Bikepacking has become so trendy that manufacturers have even begun to produce special equipment that can keep the weight of the luggage close to the bike’s center of gravity in order to maintain its maneuverability. The top rating in terms of price-quality-practicality in this segment is occupied by the Spanish brand Geosmina, which is now also available in Ukraine.

Geosmina bags are made of waterproof materials, have a compact design and a secure fastening system with Velcro and straps. There are main types of Geosmina bikepacking bike bags:

The handlebar bag used for storing sleeping bags, karemats or tents.
Top tube bags  are usually attached to the top tube, but they can also be fixed to other parts of the structure. Such equipment is relevant for storing frequently used items, for example, tools, energy bars, keys, as well as a phone.
Frame bags are attached to the tube inside the triangle and are usually used for storing heavy luggage such as spare tires, clothing, etc.

Thanks to its large volume, the seat bag is ideal for storing shoes, towels, outerwear and a sleeping bag. This bag allows you to transfer most of the weight to an easily accessible point on the bike without limiting the bike’s handling. This is the basic equipment of every bikepacker.
Fork bag is intended for storage of food supplies, water and kitchen utensils.

You can buy bikepacking bags in our partner stores. We recommend paying attention to the products of the Geosmina brand.

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