The new collection of cycling shoes KR1 from DMT is more than just sports shoes!


DMT is the first company to start manufacturing knitted shoes in its factory using “3D-Knit” technology.

The KR1 series is the new generation of cycling shoes from DMT.


  • KR1 cycling shoes are so comfortable, breathable and lightweight that you can barely feel them on your feet. The shoe upper is a material consisting of thousands of ultra-thin threads forming a mesh fabric. No glue or sutures.
  • The orthopedic hard yet lightweight carbon sole matches the natural shape of the foot for maximum support, comfort and energy transfer.
  • All KR1 Series cycling shoes feature the fastest and lightest Boa Fit fixation system.

Since 2018, the champion Eliya Viviani has been wearing the revolutionary KR1 shoes from DMT on the most exclusive catwalks.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fashionable designer colors of the KR1 series.

Light and bright sports shoes are available. You can also always find cycling shoes in a reflective black color that will make you visible to drivers of cars at night. And fans of glamour and aesthetics will pamper themselves with the exclusive KR1 series, decorated with Swarovski stones.

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